*See Board of Ethics below for Annual Filing Information & Forms.

Any person who is interested in serving on one of the Boards or Commissions with a vacancy, please submit a cover letter and resume to the County Executive and mail to:

Rockland County Executive
Office of the County Executive
Allison-Parris County Office Building
11 New Hempstead Rd
New City, NY 10956

Agricultural and Farm Protection Board

11 Members
1 Vacancy

MemberAppointment CategoryInitially Appointed
Ms. Harriet Cornell3/16/2010
Mr. James Dean3/16/2010
Ms. Joy Macy4/21/2016
Mr. Sean Mathews6/23/2016
Mr. John McDowell - Chair3/16/2010
Mr. Mac Meade3/16/2010
Mr. Doug Schuetz4/21/2016
Mr. Chuck Stead4/21/2016
Mr. William Summers6/23/2016
Mr. John Wickes3/7/2016

Arts in Public Places Committee

11 Members
No Vacancies

MemberAppointment CategoryInitially Appointed
Ms. Judith Esterow9/21/2016
Ms. Shari Fischberg7/9/2009
Ms. Emily Harvey10/23/1998
Ms. Pat Hickman3/20/2013
Mr. Kenneth Linsner - Co-Chair12/20/2007
Ms. Erin Martin - Co-Chair10/23/1998
Mr. Carl Opalek4/5/2007
Mr. Daniel Sherman7/2/2014
Ms. Sally Spivak9/3/2003
Ms. Frances Wells6/8/2012
Mr. Dan White4/21/2016

Board of Appeals

(Pertaining to the Drainage Agency as per Stream Control Act, Chapter 846)
3 Members
No Vacancies

Mr. Thomas Micelli9/21/2016
Mr. Brian Sichol9/21/2016
Mr. Carl Wortendyke9/21/2016

Board of Electrical Examiners

11 Members
No Vacancies

MemberAppointment CategoryInitially Appointed
Mr. Robert BelloOrangetown3/4/2004
Mr. Wellington CassclesStony Point12/7/2004
Mr. Joseph DeLeonardisOrangetown9/9/1989
Mr. Arnold HechtRamapo6/18/1991
Mr. Alfred MagnattaClarkstown6/6/1985
Mr. Rocco MarinoHaverstraw10/16/2013
Mr. James MurphyStony Point6/1/1996
Mr. Tim RileyRamapo6/8/1998
Mr. Jeffrey SeidelClarkstown11/9/2001
Mr. Glenn WidmerHaverstraw5/21/2014
Hon. Michael Grant - ChairLegislator

Board of Ethics

5 Members
No Vacancies                     Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions and Annual Filing Forms

MemberTownInitially Appointed
Mr. Edward BialasOrangetown2/7/2007
Mr. Vincent FrankelClarkstown9/7/2011
Mr. Donald KennedyStony Point6/2/2009
Dr. Ira Oustatcher - ChairClarkstown4/6/2000
Ms. Carole TjoaHaverstraw2/7/2007

Board of Governors

10 Members
4 Vacancies

MemberAppointment CategoryInitially AppointedExpires
Mr. Vincent Abbatecola - Chair3/16/19938/9/2017
Dr. Leonard ChiatDentist3/6/20073/5/2014
Mr. Howard Hellman7/9/20157/9/2020
Dr. Richard KingPhysician3/6/20078/9/2017
Dr. David KraushaarDentist6/3/20156/3/2020
Mr. Joseph Lagana3/6/20078/9/2017

Board of Health

5 Members
No Vacancies
2 Physicians Required

MemberAppointment CategoryInitially AppointedExpires
Dr. Maureen Creegan3/5/200312/31/2017
Dr. David Kraushaar4/17/200812/31/2014
Dr. Mary Jean Marsico8/9/20128/9/2017
Dr. Jeffrey Oppenheim - ChairPhysician5/5/20013/10/2015
Dr. Clement OseiPhysician1/22/200912/31/2014

Community Services Board

15 Members
1 Vacancy

MemberAppointment CategoryInitially Appointed
Ms. Erica L. Arancibia2/19/2014
Ms. Marion Breland8/2/2005
Mr. Charles Davis8/2/2005
Ms. Maura Donoghue10/16/2013
Mr. John J. Fella9/5/2012
Dr. Dominic Ferro Psychiatrist2/8/2013
Dr. Evelyn S. Ha Physician9/3/2013
Ms. Helen Klein2/16/2011
Mr. Peter Noonan9/5/2013
Ms. Kiera Pollock3/4/2013
Mr. Aron Reiner3/17/2016
Ms. Arlene Thomas-Strand2/8/2013
Mr. Thomas Ternquist, Sr.10/16/2013
Mr. Gerry Trautz12/9/2010

Disability Advisory Council

(Two thirds of members come from disability groups)
11 Members
No Vacancies

MemberAppointment CategoryInitially Appointed
Mr. Gerold Bierker3/5/2014
Ms. Marie Brennan9/4/1974
Mr. Robert Hannes12/22/2000
Ms. Nancy Housner6/5/2008
Ms. Ella Hill5/6/2015
Ms. Susanne Humbach9/7/2004
Ms. Dorina Maragliano6/18/2008
Ms. Fern Mathsen3/18/1999
Ms. Ann O'Malley5/6/2015
Mr. David Richards5/8/2008
Mr. Scott Salmon3/5/2014

Environmental Management Council

13 Members
5 Vacancies

MemberAppointment CategoryInitially Appointed
Ms. Gillian Ballard11/16/2016
Ms. Joanna Galdone4/8/2002
Mr. William Herguth2/16/2011
Ms. Lorinda Hill5/8/2013
Mr. Ed Knyfd5/8/2008
Mr. Kevin Maher12/18/2015
Ms. Natalie Patasaw - Chair11/20/2001
Ms. Kerry Potter-Kotecki11/21/2012

Fair Housing Board

5 Members
2 Vacancies

MemberAppointment CategoryInitially Appointed
Ms. Linda Berns - Chair7/8/1997
Mr. Daniel Salmon9/7/2011
Mr. Almar Solis5/3/2016

Fire Advisory Board

No less than 5 members, no more than 21 members
7 Fire Police Assoc. (RCVFPA
7 Fire Chief's Assoc. (RCFCA)
7 Volunteer Firemans Assoc. (RCVFA)

MemberAppointment CategoryInitially Appointed
Mr. Douglas Babcock jr.8/2/2006
Mr. Lawrence BolsonRCFCA6/16/2015
Ms. Lisa Castaldo GreenRCFCA5/6/2015
Mr. George CichRCVFA5/6/2015
Mr. Stuart GatesRCVFA12/27/1994
Mr. Raymond GuarnuccioRCFCA6/2/2004
Mr. Michael Karas12/21/2006
Mr. Michael Kramar - ChairRCVFPA5/17/2005
Mr. John Kryger8/7/2008
Mr. Robert Murdock, JrRCFCA5/23/2002
Mr. Chris NauRCVFA6/19/2014
Mr. Charlie SharonRCVFA9/19/2000
Mr. Vincent SheridanRCFCA8/17/1993
Mr. Paul StreichertRCVFPA10/16/1990
Mr. John StuerckeRCVFPA12/9/2010
Mr. Kim WepplerRCFCA7/9/2015
Mr. Gary WrenRCVFA2/12/1998
Mr. Glenn ZahlmannRCFCA4/16/1991
Mr. John ZajacRCVFA11/20/1989

Historic Preservation Board

13 Members
3 Vacancies

MemberAppointment CategoryInitially Appointed
Ms. Mary CardenasPublic-at-large6/10/2002
Mr. Stephen Cobb Public-at-large11/3/2011
Ms. Claudia CooneyArchaeologist9/7/2011
Ms. Alice GerardPublic-at-large12/21/2011
Mr. Arthur GuntherPublic-at-large6/10/2002
Ms. Marianne LeeseHistorical Society of RC6/15/2010
Mr. Craig Long - ChairCounty Historian6/10/2002
Mr. Winston Perry, JrArchitect6/10/2002
Mr. Peter ScheibnerCounty Archivist6/10/2002
Mr. Charles VezzettiSuperintendent of Highways6/10/2002

Home Improvement Licensing Board

11 Members
1 Vacancy

MemberAppointment CategoryInitially Appointed
Mr. Michael DiBellaCitizen4/2/2004
Mr. John FergusonLandscape Contractor5/21/2014
Mr. Seth GlasserHome Improvement Contractor4/21/2016
Mr. Terry Grosselfinger Consumer Protection
Mr. Robert HoeneArchitect9/21/1994
Ms. Irene InsignaresPool Contractor7/7/2008
Mr. Gary LiptonCitizen7/7/2008
Mr. Richard SavinoCitizen6/7/2006
Mr. William ScaffidiTradesman7/9/2007
Mr. Louis SilverHome Improvement Contractor5/17/2006

Human Rights Commission

13 Members
3 Vacancies

MemberAppointment CategoryInitially Appointed
Ms. Antoinette Bennett8/4/1992
Ms. Linda Berns4/7/1976
Mr. Benjamin Breskin6/19/2007
Ms. Vivian England - Vice Chair3/19/2002
Ms. Nancy Genova4/17/2008
Mr. Gerald Inman4/18/2013
Mr. Robert Maher Jr5/6/2015
Mr. Daniel Salmon - Chair10/21/2010
Mr. Almar Javier Solis5/6/2015
Mr. Willie Trotman3/19/2002

Industrial Development Agency

5 Members
No Vacancies

MemberAppointment CategoryInitially AppointedExpires
Mr. Raja Amar5/18/20165/18/2019
Mr. Eric Dranoff - Chair3/23/19985/18/2019
Mr. Howard Hellman2/7/20075/18/2019
Mr. Tim Riley8/6/20028/5/2018
Ms. Peggy Zugibe9/3/20159/3/2018

Local Emergency Planning Committee

25 Members
No Vacancies

MemberAppointment Category
Ms. Elizabeth BenjaminEnvironmental Health Department
Ms. Jane BrownChildcare Resources
Mr. Andrew ConnorsHighway Department
Lt. Anthony CostaSheriff's Department - Law Enforcement
Mr. John CoyleTown of Clarkstown
Sgt. Kevin CunninghamNew York State Police
Jeremy ErlichEnvironmental Health Department
Keith GarrabrantClarkstown Police Department
Mr. Daniel GreeleyOffice of Fire and Emergency Services
Ms. Nancy HodashAmerican Red Cross
Mr. Benard HughesHighway Department
Mr. Christopher Jensen - ChairOffice of Fire & Emergency Services - Civil Defense
Ms. Desiree LeoneOffice of Fire & Emergency Services - EMS
Ms. Kim LippesOffice of Fire & Emergency Services - EMS
Mr. Mike LoBlancoB.O.C.E.S. - Schools
Ms. Cathy QuinnEnvironmental Health Dept-Environmental Health
Mr. Pablo RamosOffice of Fire & Emergency Services - Office of 911
Mr. Douglas SchuetzPlanning Department - Local Planning
Ms. Kathleen SmithEnvironmental Health Department
Mr. Ernie StonickGood Samaritan Hospital - Hospital
Mr. Gordon WrenOffice of Fire & Emergency Services - Fire Services

Office for the Aging Advisory Council

27 Members
13 Vacancies
51% must be over age 60

MemberAppointment CategoryInitially Appointed
Ms. Rhoda Appel60+4/13/2011
Ms. Brenda Greenberg60+7/9/1994
Dr. Don Hammond60+6/3/2015
Ms. Debra Kagan Birkeland-604/18/2013
Ms. Antoinette Mariano-601/19/2017
Ms. Betty Meisler60+12/9/1994
Dr. Raghunath Mehta60+4/7/2016
Ms. Dina Nejman - Chair-602/9/2006
Mr. Mark Neumann60+4/20/2005
Ms. Roberta Paley60+6/12/1994
Ms. Judy Peaks60+8/8/2013
Mr. Richard Weinberger60+4/21/2016
Ms. Gerri Zabusky60+5/18/2010
Ms. Sarah Goforth-608/5/2015

Parks Commission

7 Members
2 Vacancies
1 Member from each town + 2 members at large

MemberAppointment CategoryInitially Appointed
Mr. Matthew BrennanMember at Large9/5/2012
Ms. Joanna GaldoneClarkstown8/9/2012
Ms. Diane GruskinStony Point9/5/1995
Mr. Norman SzymanskiHaverstraw8/8/2003
Mr. Geoffrey WelchRamapo9/5/1995

Planning Board

Info, Agendas, and Minutes

9 Members
1 Vacancy

MemberAppointment CategoryInitially Appointed
Mr. Joseph CarusoRamapo9/21/2016
Mr. Joseph GonzalezHaverstraw8/2/2006
Mr. David Kraushaar-ChairClarkstown8/1/2006
Mr. Brian McFarlandRamapo5/22/2003
Ms. Barbara PalazzoStony Point5/8/2013
Mr. Michael PariettiRamapo9/10/2014
Mr. Timothy ScottRamapo9/10/2014
Ms. Jane SlavinOrangetown4/21/2009

Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Sheet Metal Examiners Board

9 Members
1 Vacancy

MemberAppointment CategoryInitially Appointed
Mr. Michael Arone10/19/2005
Mr. Carlos Blanco7/20/1999
Hon. Toney L. EarlLegislator-Chair10/16/2012
Mr. Ronald LombardoPublic-At-Large8/3/2010
Mr. Thomas Damiani4/4/1989
Mr. John FayMaster Plumber6/6/1995
Mr. Peter Marzec9/7/1999
Mr. Larry Palumbo5/3/1988

Rent Guidelines Board

9 Members
3 Vacancies

MemberAppointment Category
Mr. Wilbur Aldridge
Ms. Patricia Caldwell - Chair
Mr. Milagros Guzman
Mr. Brendel Logan
Ms. Martha Robles
Mr. Thomas Watson, Sr

Rockland County Soil and Water Conservation District

5 Members
No Vacancies
(1 member from each town)

MemberAppointment CategoryInitially Appointed
Mr. Larry Brissing SrStony Point8/4/2005
Mr. James Dean - ChairOrangetown7/9/1998
Mr. Frank DiZenzo SrClarkstown7/14/2016
Mr. Anthony SharanRamapo2/16/2011
Mr. George WargoHaverstraw2/4/2015

Rockland County Traffic Safety Board

20 Members
6 Vacancies

MemberAppointment CategoryInitially Appointed
Mr. Jeffrey Adams7/7/1992
Mr. William Barbera - Co-Chair8/9/2012
Mr. Stephen Barry6/16/2015
Ms. Leslie Berger - Co-Chair5/8/2008
Mr. Toney Earl4/13/2011
Mr. Douglas Katz11/10/2006
Mr. Steven Katz2/4/2009
Mr. Charles Miller11/6/2009
Mr. Steve Morgan6/23/2016
Mr. Kevin Nulty5/8/2008
Mr. Michael O'Shea11/10/2006
Mr. Jeffrey Tarson3/3/1987
Mr. Charles Vezzetti4/13/2011
Ms. Eve Zukergood11/10/2006

Sewer Commission

10 Members
No Vacancies

MemberAppointment CategoryInitially Appointed
Mr. Kevin Connell
Mr. Demeza Delhomme
Mr. Richard Diaz
Mr. Craig Flanagan Jr
Mr. Michael Genito
Mr. George Hoehmann
Mr. Seth Lehman
Ms. Aney Paul
Mr. Christopher St. Lawrence
Mr. Andrew Stewart

Workers Compensation Self-Insurance Committee

7 Members
1 Vacancy

MemberAppointment CategoryInitially Appointed
Mr. Michael Gamboli6/3/2003
Mr. Denis O'Hanlon7/8/2011
Mr. Michael Profenna3/5/2009
Mr. Raymond Sheridan9/5/1995
Mr. Philip Soskin2/19/1985
Mr. Joseph Trachtenberg3/7/1995

Workforce Development Board

23 Members
No Vacancies

MemberAppointment Category
Ms. Lynne AllanBusiness
Ms. Ann ByneBusiness
Ms. Kelly CambellBusiness
Mr. Robert DutraWork Force
Ms. Eileen GuzzoBusiness
Mr. Howard HellmanBusiness
Mr. Craig JacobsWork Force
Ms. Penny JenningsWork Force
Mr. Renold JulienWork Force
Mr. Thom KleinerOther
Mr. Marlon MarchBusiness
Mr. Thomas OssaBusiness
Mr. Gregory ParseghianBusiness
Mr. Pat RajalaOther
Mr. Mark RidgewayOther
Mr. Daniel RiveraBusiness
Ms. Luz RodgersBusiness
Mr. Matt ShelleyWork Force
Ms. Mary ShinickBusiness
Mr. Ramon SotoBusiness
Mr. Rick StruckOther
Sr. Kathleen SullivanOther
Ms. Debra ThomasOther

Youth Bureau

18 Members
2 Vacancies

MemberAppointment CategoryInitially Appointed
Mr. Denis Barry3/9/1982
Mr. Andreas England - Youth Member12/21/2011
Ms. Gail Golden9/21/2016
Mr. Robert Heltzer1/1/1984
Mr. Dan Keeley12/21/2011
Mrs. Sandra King2/7/2002
Mr. Robert Knight1/1/1972
Mr. Steven Litaker - Youth Member1/23/2014
Ms. Kara Lynn2/16/2011
Ms. Mary Marsico4/2/2004
Ms. Kathryn Pitiger7/9/2010
Mr. James Russell - Chair6/30/2000
Ms. Debra Thomas6/16/1992
Mr. Grant Valentine1/23/2014
Ms. Doreen Zarcone9/3/2015
Mr. Thomas Zugibe1/23/2014
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