Department of Social Services


Rockland County communities will enjoy an environment where individuals and families thrive, are safe, and have financial security.


Our Mission is to partner and engage with individuals, families and communities in Rockland County by providing services to protect the vulnerable, empower them to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency, provide financial assistance, safety and support; with compassion, respect and dignity.

Our Values

  • We are all one department, one team, working toward one goal: to improve the safety, financial security and well-being of individuals & families in Rockland County.
  • Honoring cultural diversity and respecting the dignity and well-being of all.
  • Acting with integrity, honesty, genuineness, compassion and objectivity with all human interactions.
  • Promoting accountability, transparency and quality in all services we deliver and programs we administer.

Programs & Services

The Rockland County Department of Social Services (DSS) offers a wide range of eligibility programs and services to families and individuals to assist them in meeting their basic needs for food, shelter and medical care. 

We also offer a broad range of support services, including services to strengthen family life, prevent family disruption, promote individual functioning and keep families together; temporary placement in foster homes, group homes or institutions; and services to help the elderly or disabled remain in their own home.

Temporary Assistance and SNAP Employment Plan

The Rockland County Department of Social Services Employment Unit is responsible for the monitoring and tracking of the employment activites of Temporary Assistance and SNAP applicants and recipients. Rockland County utilizes the local One-Stop, the Rockland County Carrer Center, and other agencies to assist participants meet the countable work activities mandates. These programs provide job readiness trainings such as resume building, computer skills, interviewing techniques and soft skills such as dressing to impress, personal hygiene and how to behave in a work setting.
See Employment Plan for more details.

Rockland County’s Temporary Assistance and SNAP Employment Plan will be posted for 30 days (11/19/19) for public comment. Please reach out to Elizabeth Lewis by phone 845-364-3383 or by e-mail Elizabeth.lewis@dfa.state.ny.us for comments.

Below is a brief description of several of our eligibility and support services.  Please click on the navigation bar to the left to obtain additional information and, if applicable, application instructions. 

Eligibility Programs:

Support Services:

  • Children and Family Services provides preventive and protective services to children, adults and families.
  • Adult Services provides monitoring of home care services to Medicaid recipients.
  • Legal Services encompass many areas, including initiating Child Support orders, investigating fraud and recoupment from recipients when assets or resources are later uncovered.